The Anti-Selfie Experiment was designed to disrupt the selfie-culture and, if for only a moment, put a pause on the curation of digital life.  A temporary pop-up in Wicker Park, designed to create a space to truly tap into self, and serve as a connection point for ALL people. The purpose: mindfulness + awareness. Over 10 days in May we invited guests to step out of their digital life and into real life.

We worked with 12 local Chicago artists to build three experiential rooms for guests to walk through, as you would in any museum, - Joy, Discomfort and The Human Condition. In these spaces our artist could truly bring to life what mindfulness means to them and what these feelings bring up for them.

Throughout the 10 days we hosted curated programming inside the space - from yoga, live music performance and a mixology class. Our goal was to bring people together - to help them see that what we feel and experience is often universal.

All proceeds and funds raised during programming were donated to I Grow Chicago and their Englewood Peace House, lululemon Chicago’s social impact partner.